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Philosophy in training should be a philosophy for life.
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Reach peak physique through 1-1 training from a Pro Master Bodybuilder.-min

Reach peak physique through 1:1 training from a Master Bodybuilder.

Carve out a natural physique others have only ever dreamed of. Develop muscular strength, endurance and flexibility, and proper motion with postural alignment. Dial in nutrition and dietary habits and tap into personal motivation and confidence. And ultimately, enhance your well-being to become fit for life.

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Jean-François Alcantud

Certified personal trainer and Master Bodybuilder.

Driven by an unmatched dedication to exercise and nutrition, Jean-François believes in the deep interconnection of mind, body, and spirit. He takes his vocation seriously, adapting to each client’s needs and personality, requiring thought, patience, understanding, and diplomacy.

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Training Approach & Philosophy

Let’s set aside everything you’ve ever learned about weight lifting, fitness, and bodybuilding. While some trainers focus militarily on muscle building and fat loss, Jean-François stresses the holistic approach of overall well-being in conjunction with fitness.

He teaches his clients about the effects of positive and negative energy and attitudes, the importance of moderation, and how environmental factors can influence physical and emotional health and performance. With this full spectrum approach, his training is designed to boost longevity.

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Jean-François develops close relationships with his clients so that they can better work together and find success in transforming body and mind. He purposefully trains a limited number of clients at a time in order to improve performance, maximize exercise quality, and enhance recovery.

He is currently training clients in New York City at their home or building gym facility as well as conducting virtual training through FaceTime and Zoom sessions.

I want to create my personalized training program

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