Jean-François breaks down the steps towards achieving maximum physical potential with a combination of healthy nutrition, a positive mindset, correct postural alignment, and focused personal training.

Physical Training

Achieve the classic physique you’ve dreamed of with a Master Bodybuilder. Build strength, flexibility, and physical prowess with an accredited personal trainer dedicated to your physical and emotional wellness. Jean-François transforms his clients’ lives with an unmatched determination and motivation to get a sculpted body and live fit for life.

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Health and Nutrition

Your nutrition is the fuel for your transformation. Focusing on nutrient-dense and high-quality foods, Jean-François helps you craft a dietary plan that can aid your body in building muscle, weight loss, joint flexibility, and more. His approach to diet incorporates whole-body health, and it’s natural functions to ensure that you are building strength inside and out.

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Postural Alignment

The demands of modern life have impacted our postural and structural alignments in many ways. Jean-François is adamant about “straightening before strengthening,” which allows the body to build muscle and strength without compromising joint health. By bringing the body back into its natural alignment, many sources of pain are alleviated while the body is able to function more fluidly and with greater ease.

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Positive Mindset

Embracing a mind, body, and spirit approach is what allows Jean-François’ training to make a deeper impact on his clients. If mindset is also out of alignment, that can significantly impact a person’s vitality and outlook on life. In working with Jean Francois, clients will understand how moderation can influence their physical and emotional experiences. Jean Francois aids his clients in finding a balance of the influence of positive and negative energies in their lives to experience greater health and wellness.


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If you’re ready to receive high-level personalized training and attention,submit your application today.

Your health screening forms allow Jean-François to assess your current needs to create a training program focused on your goals and ultimate potential.


To apply to work with Jean-François, you must first submit a detailed health history and screening form. This allows him to have the best understanding of your past medical history, including illnesses, injuries, and any physical limitations that may affect the training structure. He will also conduct an initial consultation to discuss your attitudes about fitness and personal goals to most accurately develop a training regime that will get the best results.

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Each of Jean-François’s clients receives an expert’s focused attention in body sculpting and strength building. Take the steps to get the body and the lifestyle you know you can achieve. Once you have filled out the paperwork, please upload the documentation using the contact me page for the next steps. I will get back to you in the next 48 hours.