Jean-François Alcantud has a true passion for living, fitness and personal training.

He takes his vocation very seriously and believes that training; exercise and nutrition should be viewed as a lifelong process. Furthermore, he believes in the interconnection of mind, body and spirit.

The combination of mind, body and spirit must be understood for a balanced, healthy life. Jean-François teaches his clients about the effects of positive and negative energy and attitudes, the importance of moderation in life and the way they influence physical and emotional aspects. A positive outlook and a fit, energized body are the keys to a happy existence. While some trainers offer stop-gap measures or concentrate strictly on strength and building muscles, Jean-François stresses the totality of fitness and genuine health.

One common misperception within the field of health and fitness is that of work and the “no pain, no gain” theory – the more work, the greater the strength and thus the better the function. This is NOT always the right approach.

Instead, the amount of work necessary is only that which is needed to rid the body of dysfunction and restore proper posture. In some instances, this is where simple repositioning is required and can be accomplished through postural alignment exercises.

Jean-François believes that the most important element in building a healthy, fit, strong and functional body, is to straighten, then strengthen.

Before starting any fitness, programs, the goal is to restore proper positioning across the load joints; this force may come from muscles via active exercises or via passive means, which will be explored in the postural alignment therapy section.

Jean-François personal training includes nurturing clients and providing emotional support. From remaining in close contact with clients to advising them about nutrition, extolling the benefits of a positive attitude, discussing other aspects of a client’s life, Jean-François is thoroughly involved. He cares about all his clients. The difference in his method result in an extremely dedicated, longstanding client base that always offer words of praise.