How does Posture Therapy work?

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Based on the teachings from the Egoscue University. After a thorough assessment of what your pain and/or misalignments issues are, we usually begin with a postural assessment. You will take front, side, and rear view photographs of your standing posture, and I will thoroughly evaluate them against the functional design blueprint, and explore what is going on. […]

What is a functional design blueprint?

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Postural alignment therapy is based on the blueprint of the human body. By laying the functional design blueprint over the actual posture, the misalignments, if any, are identified, and the path to correcting them becomes clear. There is no guesswork. The course of action is different for each individual. This blueprint is the gift of your ancestors. […]

Why must we straighten before we strengthen?

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It’s the position (posture) of our bodies that causes various conditions like arthritis, back pain, headaches, scoliosis, and stenosis. Once your body is out of alignment, you can’t just start exercising because the misalignments are habitual. First, you must straighten your posture. If you try to exercise first, you will reinforce the misalignments and eventually […]

Postural Alignment For Athletes

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As an athlete, what do I gain by incorporating Postural Healing into my training program? Better Race Times – Align the joints, allow the proper muscles to do their intended jobs, and the result is more efficient movement. More efficient movement means requiring less energy to create the same output. The extra energy can be used elsewhere to […]