When the body is out of alignment it begins to compensate for the imbalance, causing muscle tightness, decreased flexibility, and eventually the onset of pain. If left untreated, this can also lead to injury and or poor athletic performance.

While many treatments target symptomatic pain relief, these modalities usually only offer temporary fixes to the underlying problems, whereas postural alignment therapy seeks out the root of the pain. By treating poor posture and its dysfunction you can eliminate the reason why pain occurs, prevent common injuries, and increase athletic performance.

“Is this a quick fix?”

Please note this is NOT a quick fixStructured around the theories and principles of Postural Therapy, you will begin to experience the benefits of better posture immediately. After your initial session, you may experience walking and standing taller, improved balance, and slight to complete pain relief. This unfortunately may only last for a brief period of time. However, with continued therapy and training your posture will become more and more functional providing long lasting and permanent pain relief. Remember, it has taken you a lifetime to develop these specific muscular and mechanical compensations.

What’s the difference with what I’m doing now?

Current modalities such as chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, or traditional physical therapies offer a “hands on” manipulative approach to pain relief. These modalities may be effective and sometimes needed; however, they require you to return on a normal basis, yielding dependency upon others to relieve your pain. Postural Alignment Therapy on the other hand, provides you the individual, with the tools necessary to take back and manage your healthcare on your own.

Postural alignment Therapy uses gentle corrective exercises to realign the eight major load joints returning the body to its natural anatomical position.

Restoring alignment and balance allows the body to naturally regenerate and heal itself while improving overall health. It looks at the body as a whole, and focuses on eliminating the cause of pain and dysfunction rather than treating symptoms, which creates effective and lasting results.