Humans have evolved over the millennia in an environment that required our ancestors to move! We had to run, jump, stoop, lean, throw, climb, pick up, and walk if we wanted to eat! Our hungry bellies propelled us to move. The human musculoskeletal system is amazing. More than our brains, it has allowed us to dominate the planet.

In the last few centuries, most of us haven’t used our bodies that way our ancestors did, and we are paying for it with chronic pain. We sit in chairs in school, we sit to read, we sit to drive cars, and we sit to write. Our bodies become misaligned, and muscles that are designed to do one thing are not doing that thing, and are recruited to do the job that another muscle is supposed to do.

For example, the muscle group that works (overworks) in the sitting position is the hip flexors. The gluteus muscles take a break when we sit. The hip flexors become stronger and stronger (and shorter), and the glute muscles become weaker and weaker. Then, when it comes time to stand and walk, we are starting from a misaligned position, and our muscles hurt.

The blueprint design from your ancestors is a gift to you. But to receive the full benefits of the gift, you will have to re-educate your muscles so that your musculoskeletal system can recover its functionality. Then you can strengthen it and tap into the endless energy that the blueprint affords. We have exactly the same bodies that humans had 10,000 years ago. It’s just that civilization makes it hard for us to use them properly.